Sunday, August 15, 2010

Liu He Night Market

Liu He Night market is the biggest night market located in Kao Shiung. The Night Market is not far away if you walk from Kaohsiung Railway Station along the Zhongshan Road straightforward, which takes only ten minutes more, and then turn right to Liuhe Road.

The special thing of this night market is that there are so many seafood seller here. First is fried squid. Like you see in the picture, they sell only the tentacle. However, it is so BIG!!!

Second is roasted shrimp. Beside the size is big, they roast the shrimp alive…..

The other things that catch my eyes is the egg. I do not know what the name is. However, it is so big and inside there is some vegetable, egg, and some other ingredients. The taste is good. You need to try this one ~~^O^~~

Not only food, there are also fashion and accessories shop.

It was Saturday when I came there. So, definitely it is so crowded. There are also some tourists from Japan and they are interesting in buying some candies

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